We are an alcohol oriented business, a winery with a large outdoor sitting area. We are not a public park and we do not have activities or a play area for children. Beginning on January 2nd we will no longer allow anyone under 21 at the winery on Saturdays.

However, on weekdays and Sundays closely supervised children are allowed on the property if they remain seated with their parents at all times in a designated area where we allow children. They are not allowed to run or wander around the outside area. Many visits by our adult guests and members have been ruined by running, screaming children on the loose, sometimes with their parentís encouragement and approval. If parents cannot control their children it will become necessary to not allow children at all.

There are many open containers of alcohol in the area outside the tasting room and some guests leave partial glasses of wine on tables when they leave. It is a violation of the law for a minor to be anywhere near alcohol without a parent. This is an offense known as "minor in possession". 

For the safety and enjoyment of our guests we do not allow any sports equipment to be used on our premises. By children or adults.