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Wounded Warrior Center

Driftwood Estate Winery has decided to do all of its donating to one cause and that is raising money for the National Wounded Warrior Center. For more information visit the center’s website: woundedwarriorsmammoth.org

As a general rule, we do not make charitable donations of any kind to fundraisers or individuals.

What is the National Wounded Warrior Center?

The National Wounded Warrior Center will be a fully accessible, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility located in June Lake, California.

The National Wounded Warrior Center empowers wounded, ill and injured servicemen and women by facilitating their transition into fulfilling civilian lives through education, rehabilitation, health and wellness.

You can’t put a price tag on an opportunity to come to a place as soothing as Mammoth Lakes and June Lake for these Wounded Warriors–to feel like they’re not alone, that they’re not forgotten. It’s one thing for the government to do it, but it’s when private citizens and communities are doing it for the love of fellow man that really touches the young soldiers. It’s a chance to fundamentally save or change a person for the rest of their life.
Larry D. Nicholson, Commanding General, 1st Marine Division

I have been up to Mammoth and watched Kathy Copeland and her incredible team firsthand. The work they do for our wounded, ill and injured Marines is amazing, and gives recovering Marines and Sailors self-esteem and self-confidence like few things I have seen.
Col. Willard A. Buhl USMC


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