' Driftwood Estate Winery - Children



We are an alcohol oriented business, a winery with a large outdoor sitting area. We are not a public park and we do not have activities or a play area for children. We are allowing children at the winery only on weekdays (Monday through Friday) but they must remain seated with their parents and be closely supervised at all times. If any children are found away from their parents they will be asked to return to their parents. If the problem persists, you may be asked to leave. There are some wineries in the area that have a play area or activities for children.

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to return to our policy of no children (any age under 21) anywhere on the winery grounds on Saturday and Sunday.

For the safety and enjoyment of our guests we do not allow any sports equipment to be used on our premises. By children or adults. The use of drones anywhere on the property is prohibited. The playing of music is also not allowed as we ndo not have a music license.

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